Christine le Clainche PhD - ONCOLille Seminar Series

On Thursday the 4th of May 2023 at 11 am, Christine le Clainche, PhD, from LEM UMR Cnrs 9221, OncoLille, will present her work on "Short and medium term effects following the onset of a cancer on employment and activity".

This work studies the short and medium term effects following the onset of a cancer on employment and activity. It uses the Hygie database, which is an administrative database produced by Irdes from the National Health Insurance Fund and the National Old Age Insurance Fund. Hygie helps to reconstruct the individual's career as well as health events.

This work exploits the retrospective dimension linked to the career and confirms the penalizing effect of cancer on activity and the increase in sick leaves. The results of a double-difference model with exact matching show the persistence of the effects of the disease on the exit from the labor market, the probability of being employed at least one quarter in the year decreasing up to a horizon of five years. We also measure the effect of the twelve most prevalent cancers in the Hygie database and of chronic diseases with a potential impact on the labor market. The most marked effects relate to lung and bronchial cancer, schizophrenia and HIV. Most of chronic diseases other than cancer have much more attenuated effects, probably because their long-term treatments improve quality of life.

Here the link to download the flyer.

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